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Come and join us on the slopes for some professional, English speaking ski lessons. We offer flexible tuition options & competitive rates with the best instructors! Ready to book with us?

The British Ski Center offers professional ski & snowboard tuition with native English speaking ski instructors guaranteeing maximum progression whether this is your first time on the snow or if you are looking at pushing yourself further to more advanced techniques.

All our instructors are properly qualified, contracted and experienced in ski and/or snowboard instruction. It is possible to find “English speaking” instructors through the other schools, but usually their knowledge is limited to just technical vocabulary as opposed to confident explanatory conversation. Good general conversation levels are essential for building up client/instructor relations and, of course, quality of tuition, particularly when the client requires more detailed explanations relating to the techniques being used. This is where we always come out on top!

Lessons and Prices

Please click/tap on one of the headings below to get details of our rates* then book with us. We look forward to seeing you on the snow!

*Please note that all rates published here are for the 2019-20 ski season and should be used purely for reference purposes when considering your tuition requirements for next season. For the winter 2020-21, our rates and options will be revised and updated by the Autumn 2020.

Ski & Snowboard Attainment Levels

As a guide, we have categorised achieved standards into the following groups:



Notes From the Professionals

Ski instructor Sierra Nevada

NEVER rely on friends or family to teach you unless they are qualified and experienced themselves (and even then it is not particularly recommended!). A high percentage of ski accidents, (not to mention arguments!), occur in these situations where basic safety procedures and techniques are taught incorrectly or not at all.

DO REMEMBER that Sierra Nevada is, perhaps surprisingly, one of the highest ski resorts in Europe. The altitude change can bring on “Altitude Sickness” including such symptoms as dehydration, nausea, dizziness, headaches, nose bleeds and weariness.

Very young children on their first skiing holiday should consider a single hour to begin with, to ensure they are enjoying themselves whilst acclimatising – PLEASE REMEMBER TO FEED THEM BEFORE THEIR CLASS!!

As Sierra Nevada becomes increasingly popular as an alternative ski destination with English-speaking visitors, demand is also increasing significantly for English speaking ski instructors. British Ski Center can guarantee you this in a way that no other ski school in the resort can!

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