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Covid Guidlines: We’ll post any updates as soon as details are announced for the upcoming season 2021-22.
Covid measures for the winter 2020-21 made it obligatory for everyone visiting Sierra Nevada to have pre-booked their lift pass in advance. The number of passes available for each date varied according to the number of pistes scheduled to open on that day. Once the maximum number of passes was reached, no more were available. Mid week sales were usually limited to 5, 000–8, 000 passes per day.

During the 2020-21 ski season, the lift pass company adopted a new “dynamic” approach with its pricing and calendar periods, meaning that their rates kept changing! For this reason we were unable to display the rates on our website. Please email us your requirements including the ages of any children, and we will send you the current rate as listed by the lift pass company. Once booked, we will send you confirmation which you can use as proof of your booking to show to the police in the event that you are stopped on your way to Sierra Nevada.


*** Book your lift passes with us in advance! ***


Lift passes are required for all skiers and boarders, with just one type of pass that covers all lifts throughout the ski terrain. Passes are also available for non-skiers, giving access to Borreguiles via the gondola as well as the use of the Parador chairlift which runs through the ski village.

We book your passes of 2 or more days, and save you from the annoying queues which are frequently a problem when buying passes directly from the lift pass company, especially during peak season periods. We collect your passes and have them waiting for you from 9am at our office base (Intersport Rio Sport), away from the hectic lift pass office and barely 30m from the Al-Andalus gondola. All you need is to have your booking confirmation ready to show us in exchange for your lift passes and away you go – it couldn’t be simpler!

During times when only a limited number of pistes are open due to lack of snow, the lift pass company limits the number of passes sold to avoid overcrowding on the slopes. By having your lift pass pre-booked, you are guaranteed to be able to ski.

Lift pass prices depend on your age, the number of days you’re booking and the dates.

Children up to and including 5 and adults of 70 and over receive a “free” lift pass! Please note that with these “free” passes, an obligatory insurance fee of 5 euros per day is charged. Ready to book your lift passes?


Book lift passes for all lifts in Sierra Nevada

  1. Each pass must be a minimum of 2 consecutive days.
  2. Bookings should be made no later than 3 working days prior to your first day skiing. We cannot guarantee the acceptance of bookings made later than this.
  3. Only full day ski passes can be pre-booked. Single day, seasonal and non-skier passes must be purchased directly in the resort.
  4. Instructions for collection of your passes will be provided upon confirmation of your reservation.
  5. Passport Identification may be requested when using the ski lifts to verify ages and identity of family members.
  6. Booking conditions and refund policy for lift passes are detailed under point number 16 of our Terms & Conditions.

Notes On Lift Pass Rates:

Lift passes Sierra Nevada

For lift passes of 2 days where each day falls into a different season period, the total charged is the sum of the 1-day rate for each season period.

2-day weekend passes on a Saturday and Sunday can only be pre-booked with an additional fee of 5€ per pass.

An obligatory 5€ per day insurance charge is applied to “free” lift passes. ID may be requested at the lifts to verify ages.

Lift passes include insurance for national and foreign visitors alike, covering eventualities such as extended hotel stays, medical costs, repatriation and public liability.

For lift passes of 3 or more days comprising a varied number of days in 2 or more season periods, the total days will be charged according to the season period that occurs most, eg for a lift pass of 3 days in mid season and 1 day in high season, the total 4 days will be calculated at the mid season rate.

For lift passes of 4 or more days comprising the same number of days in 2 different season periods, the overall rate charged for the total number of days will be that of the lower season rate, eg for a lift pass running 2 days at mid season and 2 days at high season, the total 4 days will be charged at the mid season rate.

Refunds are authorised at the discretion of the lift pass company, Cetursa S.A., and can take several weeks to process.

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