Ski/Snowboard Instructor

Ski instructor Sierra Nevada

As a small team we rarely need new instructors from one year to the next, but we are always happy to receive new applications due to the dynamic nature of the industry.

To apply, please email a copy of your CV, including some brief details about yourself and any relevant experience you may have, to:

The first thing to bear in mind is the “brexit” issue facing British nationals looking for work overseas whereby you are required to apply for a work permit which by all accounts is not a rapid process. Essentially without a work permit you will not be elegible. You should check with your closest Spanish consulate for more details on how to go about this. Alternatively there are legal advisors who can also do this on your behalf (at a cost of course). If you have a European passport then this is one big step avoided!

Once you have been granted a work permit or you have a European passport, you will need to apply (again, well in advance) for a Spanish foreigners ID number (“TIE” previously known as NIE) and a Social security number. These appointments can be made online – see more details further down this page. Without a valid TIE/NIE and social security number, we will not be able to contract you. Again, there are legal advisors based in the UK who may be able to do much of this for you given the potential language barrier!

The following should also be noted before applying for a job as a ski or snowboard instructor with us:

1. We are a small team and generally only need one full-time snowboard instructor due to having relatively few snowboard lessons in comparison to skiing. As such we rarely need snowboard instructors. Instructors qualified in both ski and snowboard tuition however, are much more sought after.

2. Our recruiting period tends to commence in the Autumn (as of mid-October) when we anticipate hearing from all existing staff members as to whether or not they will be returning with us for the coming season. Only then will we know for sure if there are any positions available*.

*Given the complications arisen through Brexit for working abroad as a British national without a European passport, we appreciate that to obtain a work permit you would need to apply much sooner than October in order to allow time for the processing. The “Catch 22” here is that we cannot commit to offering you employment at any earlier period, and so you should accept that, by applying for a work permit in advance (with potential financial implications to yourself), there is always the risk of not being given employment afterwards!

CVs will be reviewed, and decisions are generally made on the basis of your national status for travel and work abroad, your qualifications, experience, additional languages as well as any potential for working more than just one season. This does not mean, however, that first year instructors will not be considered. On the contrary, and in line with our general work dynamic, fresh enthusiasm and motivation are key driving forces to any team in terms of guaranteeing quality instruction to our clients!

How do we work?

Our work philosophy/structure is simple:

  • You turn up well presented, on time each day and for each class with a smile!
  • All clients are treated with the same professional enthusiasm.
  • We teach in all weather conditions (hot/cold, cloudy/sunny, snowing/raining and so on) so long as the ski lifts are open.
  • You are here to ski/ride, so when there are few classes, please go and ski/ride!
  • You are here because you want to spend as much of your time on the mountain and the slopes skiing/riding.
  • When you need extra time off just ask us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. But remember you are essentially here to work!
  • We will only bother you if you bother us!
  • We will even pay you! 😉

How to prepare

British Ski Center Instructors

If you are offered a position with us, before accepting and in addition to the brexit regulations on work permits, please consider the following:

1. We do not have staff accommodation to offer you. This is something you will need to sort out for yourself although we usually have contacts to pass on to you to help out. Please also note that usually the full amount of the season’s accommodation is required in advance. Agencies will also most likely charge a deposit on top of the rental fee to be returned at the end of season after deducting all final electricity and other expenses.

The rental rates in resort vary greatly from one apartment type to another and an apartment suitable for 4 people sharing will most likely cost anything from 3500 Euros upwards. Rentals out of resort in Granada or the valley villages (Pinos Genil, Güejar Sierra) are generally lower cost (275€-500€ p/month depending) but then you will need to consider transport to/from resort. In all rental cases, electricity bills are separate (and significantly more expensive in resort).

2. In order to legally employ you, you will need to obtain a TIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) at the local police in Granada:

The address is: Calle San Agapito nº 2, C.P. 18013 Granada. Contact numbers are: 958909311 / 958909314 / 958909315 (English is not widely spoken!). You will need to make an appointment (online) well in advance! Download and complete the necessary form and then take it in with the necessary documentation (photos, passport, confirmation of employment letter, tax payment etc.). You will also need to arrange a “Social Security” number. More details will be provided upon acceptance of employment.

Once you have your appointments confirmed, you should allow at least a week before starting work to ensure you obtain the necessary paperwork for us to then contract you. Spanish beaurocracy can be tedious and more time may be necessary!

3. We will arrange your lift pass which is paid for by the school.

4. Try to travel out a couple of weeks before starting work in order to prepare for the above as well as getting some ski time in to familiarise yourself with the resort. Typically speaking we anticipate needing instructors as from the start of the Christmas school holidays.

5. April is a funny month and varies in terms of work load depending greatly on the fall of the Easter holidays. Generally speaking we would expect to have work into the middle of the month. April is a fantastic time for free skiing/riding when workloads start dropping off.

6. The number of hours you may expect to be doing also depends very much on the season itself, the snow fall, number of visitors etc.* However, we expect to provide you with 350+ hours of classes during the season.

7. Wages are paid as an hourly rate for the lessons that you give.

*IMPORTANT: Ski Instructing is not a job that guarantees any significant level of income. It is very much about lifestyle and life experience although of course you will be earning and generally speaking making more than enough to cover your costs and take home some spare cash too! If you are under any impression that you will walk away at the end of season with a flourishing bank account, we recommend you consider another vocation!