COVID-19 Security Measures

Sun and snow Sierra Nevada ski resort Spain

UPDATED: 12th October 2020

Sierra Nevada ski resort is set to open at the end of November as usual. With little sign of significant improvement in the current Covid-19 situation, we’d like to reassure you that in accordance with recommendations and obligations established by the Spanish health and safety authorities, we will be implementing a series of measures to ensure maximum protection to you and our staff.

We have contracted our risk prevention company, “Antea Prevención S.L.”, to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of our business and to identify the preventative safety measures we need to apply in order to protect you and our staff and allow us to continue operating in a safe and healthy manner.

First and foremost, our risk prevention advisors have officially classified our business as one with little or no risk of exposure and hence little or no risk of contagion amidst our contracted staff members.

The following measures are subject to modification at any time in accordance with advice received by the Spanish health and safety authorities:

In relation to “Sierra Essence” holiday arrangements:

Apartment Mont Blanc 704

  1. All our reservations are established electronically and/or telephonically and hence involve no direct physical contact between you and us. Therefore, we will continue to operate in the same manner as before, principally via email communication.
  2. Our staff in resort, who you may meet in relation to your accommodation reservation or simply when collecting your lift passes, will wear face masks, maintain the recommended social-distancing of 1.5 metres and fully observe hand hygiene recommendations.
  3. In accordance with current Spanish law, you and any child over the age of 6 years will also have to wear face masks. As a further precaution, we recommend children younger than 6 years to also wear a mask.
  4. Hand sanitiser dispensers will be available at our office.
  5. All hoteliers and apartment agencies to whom we contract services will have implemented their own specific measures. We hold no responsibility for the measures employed by our collaborating suppliers however, as a minimum, their measures will include the wearing of face masks, use of hand sanitiser and maintaining social distancing of 1.5 metres.

In relation to “British Ski Center” ski school reservations:

Resort Office

  1. All reservations will continue to operate in the traditional manner either electronically or telephonically in advance, requiring no physical contact between you and us.
  2. Where classes are required in addition to those already reserved, this may be arranged at either of our office bases, that is to say in the resort village or at our meeting point in the ski area, whilst strictly observing social distancing of 1.5 metres and wearing face masks at all times.
  3. Tuition bookings will be confirmed at our resort office which is based in the “Montebajo” building on the rear side of the equipment hire shop, Rio Sport, and next to the “Tia Maria” restaurant. NOTE: Normally we would meet you inside Rio Sport itself for confirming bookings but due to space restrictions in accordance with Covid guidelines, this is unlikely to be feasible.
  4. Our two principal office bases are too small to permit clients to enter and, as such, we will attend you at the entrance itself where we will have a small stand setup with a screened division as an additional measure of safety between you and our staff.
  5. Face masks must always be worn.
  6. Hand sanitiser dispensers will be available.
  7. Where cash payments are made for balances due, gloves will be worn by our staff and your cash will be deposited separately from our own petty cash for latter disinfection.
  8. Where credit card payments are made for balances, please use the “contactless” method if possible to avoid us having physical contact with your card. If you are required to enter your security pin, the card machine will subsequently be sanitised before being used by the next client in line.

Ski / Snowboard Lessons

Skiing for families Sierra Nevada

  1. Face masks are obligatory at all times for anyone aged 6 and over in enclosed areas, including the following: gondolas, chairlifts, offices, meeting point, restaurants, hotels, car park and any pisted areas where maintaining a social distance of 1.5 meters from others may be difficult.
  2. Hand sanitiser dispensers will be available at our meeting point and our instructors will also carry hand sanitiser with them to be used when necessary. We insist that gloves or mittens are always worn during the lesson and at the meeting point where possible.
  3. Social distancing of at least 1,5 metres will be observed during the lesson. In the event of a fall whereby our client is unable to get up by him or herself, the instructor will intervene to help whilst wearing their mask and gloves.
  4. To avoid congestion at our designated meeting point area, only the client(s) taking the lesson is(are) permitted to enter. Where children are taking lessons, only 1 adult may accompany the child to and from the meeting point.
  5. Parents must be punctual to the meeting point to collect their child by being present 10 minutes prior to the end of the class. Only 1 parent or guardian is permitted to collect the child or children (where siblings or other family relations are concerned).
  6. At the end of each lesson we respectfully request all clients to move swiftly away from the meeting point area to allow room for our next clients taking lessons and thereby avoid potential congestion build up. Please do not linger at the meeting point to chat with others!!
  7. Toilet stops for young children during lessons: A parent or guardian must be close at hand in the event a child of 7 years or younger needs to use the bathroom. For this we require a functioning mobile contact number to call.
    For children over the age of 7 years, parents/guardians must give their prior consent for their child to use the toilets alone (the child will be accompanied by their instructor to the toilets where possible). NOTE:Parents/guardians must have previously explained clearly to their child the importance of the additional hygiene requirements, to always wear their face masks and to wash their hands thoroughly afterwards.
  8. February half term ski school groups: These groups will be limited to a maximum of 8 people per instructor.
  9. Distancing measures will be adopted by the instructor during a lesson to ensure everyone is separated by 1.5 metres. Where space allows on the piste, and a separation of at least 2×2 metres between participants and the instructor may be observed, face coverings may be lifted for brief periods although we still recommend keeping covered unless entirely necessary. References such as length of skis and ski poles, snowboard lengths, arm spans etc. will be used to help everyone in the class become aware of the required distancing.

Equipment Hire – Rio Sport

  1. Similar protocols will be adopted by the Intersport Rio Sport staff regarding the wearing of face masks, hand washing and social distancing whilst in their premises to rent your equipment.
  2. Other protocols will also have been established and will be advertised by the shop management relating to their disinfecting procedures of all their equipment rented out to you.
  3. For further details on Intersport Rio Sport’s protocols, please contact them via email at: