Choosing Accommodation in Sierra Nevada


Sierra Nevada Ski resort Spain - night

Accommodation options in Sierra Nevada are split between Self-Catering Apartments and Hotels. There are no chalets available in Sierra Nevada and instead, larger parties travelling together can opt for a combination of two or more apartments within the same block or else one of the hotels. Group rates in hotels tend to be available where 20-25 or more people are travelling together under one booking name.

The resort itself is split into 3 zones (Lower, Mid and Top) so as to give people a better idea as to roughly where they will be accommodated.

  • The Lower zone has the two central squares (Plaza Pradollano & Plaza de Andalucia) and is where most of the hotels and shops are located as well as the main lift access to the slopes.
  • The Mid zone is where the majority of self-catering apartment accommodations are to be found. It is also home to some of the better restaurants as well as the main nightlife scene. Ski access to and from this area is possible for intermediate skiers/boarders. The “Parador” chairlift has an intermediate stop here to allow beginners and non-skiers access to/from the lower squares.
  • The Top zone is also predominantly self-catering accommodation above which there is direct access to the pistes via the “Virgen de las Nieves” 6-seater chairlift (not suitable for complete beginners!) thereby avoiding the need to drop down to the central squares. This area is also served by the “Parador” chairlift which takes you staright down to the central squares for access to the main ski lifts.

Although preference tends to be for accommodation in the lower zone, the mid and top zones aren’t particularly far from anywhere. And, of course, when in the mountains, there will always be the likelihood of steps and uphill sections to deal with, even lower down!

The “Parador” chairlift which links the 3 zones, runs daily from 08.30 to 17.30 and during high season periods to 19.45. There is also a shuttle bus service which circuits the entire village every 20 minutes from 08.30 to 23.30 (03.30 on Friday and Saturday).

Booking with Sierra Essence

Restaurant Sierra Nevada Ski Resort

Sierra Essence is an intermediary agency. We do not own or manage any accommodation units of our own and instead, through years of living and working in the resort, have built-up excellent relationships with the principal accommodation providers here to offer a select range of options at competitive prices. We pride ourselves with the personal touch that we can offer you to ensure you choose the accommodation that is right for you. We can also usually undercut most of the prime options available due to our relations and contracted agreements with our collaborating suppliers.

We have worked hard over the years to obtain special treatment for our clients. This means that when you book a hotel through us you will be allocated the best room available. And, for self-catering, we are regularly able to book specific apartments for our clients contrary to the standard booking policy via other booking platforms which is to only confirm the apartment size and zone and then allocate accommodation on arrival.

In addition, we are the only company with a physical presence here in resort – so if there is a problem with your accommodation or you need help or advice in general, we have staff in resort who can sort things out for you much quicker.

Our friendly, tailor-made service and competitive rates are the main reasons for many of our clients to return each year to Sierra Nevada, relying on us to organise their accommodation as well as all the other related services.

Hotel Accommodation

Hotel Melia Sol y Nieve

Hotels in Sierra Nevada are generally of a very good standard. Among the most popular hotels are the two 4 star Melia hotels (Sol y Nieve and Sierra Nevada) which are our top recommendation in terms of location and quality. These hotels combined with the Kenia Nevada and Ziryab are all at the top end of quality hotels in Sierra Nevada. For a slightly cheaper choice of hotel accommodation, the best options to consider are the Mont Blanc & GHM Monachil.

Also popular are the hotels located out of the resort which involve a drive into the resort each day. There are some lovely and very characterful hotels from just 10kms out of resort which offer not only proximity to the skiing but also a great way of becoming a little immersed in some of the local culture and way of life here.

Self-Catering Apartments

Alfa SyN

Sierra Nevada has a complete range of self-catering apartments from studios, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments with the odd 4-bedroom apartment also occasionally available.

In our opinion, Sierra Nevada does not offer “luxury” self-catering options in spite of what some agencies may suggest! “Luxury” here generally means the apartment has had anything from a generic facelift (fresh coat of paint) to a more involved reform. Furnishings may have been modernised with parquet flooring added, pictures on walls, curtains and so on. On a more positive note, an increasing number of apartments in Sierra Nevada have undergone moderate to extensive reforms over recent seasons and so one can say that the level of quality has indeed improved greatly from what it used to be a decade ago to offer comfortable lodgings for your stay.

Apartment facilities can also vary because they are owned by individual proprietors, each with their own particular taste and style applied to the general decor. Due to the number of accommodation agencies operating in Sierra Nevada, self-catering options can be confusing, and the rates varied. Sierra Essence deals with specific agencies based firstly on their level of service to clients in attending to your needs, before during and after your stay as well as the general levels of quality of the accommodation they offer. We always ask for as much information as possible regarding your preferences, expectations etc. and would recommend to any clients requiring something of a generically high standard of accommodation, to consider hotel options initially.

Our philosophy, when selecting self-catering accommodation to offer to our clients, is based on two factors: Firstly we ask ourselves: “Would we be happy staying here for a ski break?” Secondly, we choose those agencies which fulfil the following criteria: competitive pricing, satisfactory apartments and, importantly, those which offer reliable customer service & support if any maintenance or other issues arise, thereby minimising any inconvenience to our clients.

Having operated in this manner now for many years, we at Sierra Essence find that our clients booking into self-catering accommodation are ever more satisfied, simply because they are aware of what to expect upon arrival. Usually, visitors to Sierra Nevada are here to ski/snowboard and a high standard of accommodation is not of prime concern so long as it is clean and warm and relatively comfortable.

Due to the varied nature of self-catering options available, please refer to point number 10 of our Terms and Conditions where specific details are laid out for consideration when making a reservation.